Rob Mayes’ "Road With No Lines" was recently an International Acoustic Music Awards finalist.  His “All It Takes” was featured on ABC’s MISTRESSES. His first single "Closer" is expected April 5, 2019.

Rob Mayes is an American actor, songwriter, and country artist.  From Cleveland, he’s no stranger to country music.  As a young boy riding in the car with his father, Rob was introduced to the songs of Alan Jackson, George Straight, and Michael Peterson, and immediately the stories, melodies, and harmonies hooked him.  Playing piano from the age of 5 and guitar since the age of 13, Rob has written countless songs: instrumental, pop, singer-songwriter, jazz.  But it’s his recent foray into country music that he is most proud of and that gives him the most joy.  “Music gives me and my soul a creative voice and outlet like nothing else, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than collaborating and co-writing with the songwriters of Nashville, and working together to put the puzzle pieces of a country song together,” says Rob.  And Nashville being the home of country music, he has been back and forth from his home in LA writing and recording in Nashville.  

As an actor, Rob is most recognizable from the ABC fan-favorite series MISTRESSES and from the cult-classic Don Coscarelli-helmed film JOHN DIES AT THE END with Paul Giamatti which premiered at Sundance.  Other recognizable credits include THE CLIENT LIST with Jennifer Love Hewitt and the CW’s FREQUENCY and 90210.  Other film credits include DEEP BLUE SEA 2, ICE CASTLES, BURNING BLUE, and THE AMERICAN MALL opposite Nina Dobrev.

Rob can be seen in the upcoming MELVIN SMARTY, due out later this year, DANGEROUS MATRIMONY, and MY CHRISTMAS INN opposite Tia Mowry and LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS out this past holiday season. Mayes recently wrapped A SOLDIERS HEART, a western in which he stars alongside Val Kilmer, AnnaLynne McCord, and Jake Busey, and MAYBE I’M FINE, a musical road-trip comedy.  He also just finished filming the thriller INTO THIN AIR with Samaire Armstrong, and Fox's new legal drama PROVEN INNOCENT.  All are due out later this year.

"I began writing songs when I was seven or eight years old," he recalls.  "My piano teacher taught me classical music, but like my father, I wanted to play jazz.  My teacher's approach was rather disciplined, though I'd always take the chords and progressions from the sheet music in front of me and come up with my own progressions and melodies.  She didn't much care for that, but she did teach me a solid foundation.  I then had a grade school teacher who supported me like no one else, and she would ask me to play my newest song that I had written for the class every week, and that encouragement kept me writing and trusting that what I was doing maybe wasn't so bad after all.   And at about the same time in my life, I'd run around the backyard with my parents' huge old camcorder filming movies that I'd make with the neighborhood kids."

"I guess there's always been a story trying to come out of me in one shape or another.  So I suppose it's no wonder I found my way to country music."